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Welcome to Elite Osteopathy. Our practice was founded through many years of experience across multiple Osteopathy clinics in Australia and abroad.

What is osteopathy

About Us

Elite Osteopathy is located in Prahran within The Good Life Clinic. There is one and two hour parking on both sides of Commercial Rd and in adjacent side streets Nottingham Street and Perth Street. We are located between Chapel Street and Punt Road opposite Officeworks.

Combining experience, care, and honesty, our Osteos are committed to getting the best result in the least number of treatments possible. We achieve this by always listening to the patient and tailoring an individual treatment plan accordingly. Our Osteopaths are at the forefront of current research and deliver a service built on professionalism and results.

Elite Osteopathy has established strong relationships with a vast network of other healthcare professionals. If required, we can refer to another practitioner to help you get the best results possible.

Your Osteopath will send for relevant imaging scans (i.e. X-ray, MRI, CT, Ultrasound, etc) if deemed appropriate. This can help support our diagnosis and provide our patient with the full clinical picture of their condition.

All of our Osteopaths are registered with the health regulatory board AHPRA. They also have the relevant Osteopathic Insurance and are Members of Osteopathy Australia.


Dr Hardip Banger

Hardip immigrated to Australia in 2001 from Canada to study Osteopathy at RMIT. After graduating in 2005 he worked in regional Victoria and eventually opened his own clinic in Bendigo. He has completed courses relating to Osteopathy and health yearly since 2005. Some of these include Dry Needling, Joint and muscle manipulations, as well as Vertigo.

Hardip has worked at both Universities in Victoria teaching Osteopathy since 2011. He has lectured and run weekend seminars including Anatomy, Diagnosis, and Master classes in technique. He currently works part time at Victoria University as a clinical supervisor and examiner.

Hardip had the honour and privilege of working at the surgical hospital Sportsmed in Mumbai, India alongside Dr. Joshi in 2016. He was able to observe several Surgeries such as ACL repair, shoulder reconstruction, and ankle fractures. These experiences helped him gain a greater understanding for the structure and function of the body.

He has recently moved back to Melbourne to join the team at The Good life and looks forward to working in a multidisciplinary clinic. He has a passion for diagnosing and treating any ache or pain related to the musculoskeletal system.

In his spare time Hardip considers himself an amateur film maker and enjoys shooting and editing short videos. He also enjoys his weekly gym sessions and is looking forward to re familiarizing himself with all that Melbourne has to offer such as comedy shows, live music and eateries.

Hardip is a current member of the Australian Osteopathy Association (AOA) and is registered with the Australian health practitioner regulation industry (AHPRA)

Dr Anthony Murphy (Currently practicing in Melbourne once every 4 weeks)

Anthony is the Principal Osteopath and Founder of Elite Osteopathy. With over 15 years clinical experience, Anthony has worked in many private practices throughout the world. He has also been employed by multiple football clubs, where he gained exposure to a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries.

While working for two years as an Osteopath in Canada, Anthony developed many new and highly effective Osteopathy treatment techniques. In more recent years, he has completed a variety of post-graduate qualifications including Remedial Massage, Sports Medicine Injury Diagnosis & Treatment, Breathing & Postural Dysfunction, Spinal Joint Manipulation and Dry-Needling. He also completed a Masters of Osteopathy, with a specific focus on injuries arising from Triathlon.

Anthony has always been involved in sport, fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. This has lead to an easy and natural progression into the world of Osteopathy where he can help others maintain their own health and wellbeing. He finds it particularly rewarding treating sporting injuries and common workplace postural issues, including low back pain, sciatica and headaches/migraines. Osteo treatment is very successful in treating these conditions and many more.

Anthony is registered with the Australian Osteopathy Authority (AHPRA) and is a current Member of the Australian Osteopathy Association (AOA).

What is Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a form of manual medicine involving the use of hands-on techniques to treat all types of body aches, pains and tightness. Using a holistic approach to health care, your Osteopath will identify the cause of injury, rather than just treating symptoms. We understand that the body can heal itself once correct structure and balance are achieved.

Our Osteopaths have all completed a 5 year degree which involves a Bachelor of Osteopathy, followed by a Masters of Osteopathy. This also involves 3 years of treatment within a University Osteopathy clinic open to the public. Due to the recognition of high level medical training, Osteopaths are afforded the honorary title of Doctor upon completion of their Osteopathy degrees.

Your Osteopath can use any of the following techniques to achieve results:
Spinal joint manipulation involves applying a controlled force to release pressure inside a joint
Joint mobilization (articulation) is a technique to increase joint range of motion
Advanced stretching techniques (MET) are gentle techniques to increase joint range of motion and promote muscle relaxation
Soft tissue massage can decrease muscle tension and promote drainage of fluid/inflammation
Dry needling (using acupuncture needles) can increase blood supply to a specific area and promote muscle relaxation and fluid drainage

At Elite Osteopathy, we will also provide you with specific stretching and strengthening exercises. This will allow you to be in control of your condition and manage your symptoms away from the clinic.


Our Osteopaths treat a very broad range of conditions, but will commonly encounter the following:


Neck pain and back pain, Spinal pain and disc pain, Headaches/Migraines, Sciatica, Shoulder pain, elbow pain and wrist pain, Rotator cuff strain, Tennis elbow, Hip pain, knee pain and ankle pain, Plantar fasciitis and heel pain, Bursitis and tendonitis, RSI and postural issues, Arthritis and joint degeneration, Sports injuries

Clinic Info

The following consultation rates apply:









Cancellation Policy

Please provide a minimum of 24 hours notice for cancelling or changing your Osteo appointment. This will allow your Osteopath to give that appointment time to another patient on our waiting list. If you do not provide enough notice, we will unfortunately need to charge a full cancellation fee. Thank you for your understanding.

Private Health Insurance Rebates for Osteopathy

Private health insurance rebates are available for Osteopathy treatment and can be processed immediately with our HICAPS machine when you present your health insurance card.

Medicare Rebates for Osteopathy

With a GP referral, Medicare supplement five Osteopathy treatments per year under the Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan. To qualify for this program you must have suffered from a chronic condition, including musculo-skeletal complaints, for a period of at least 6 months.

You can discuss this with your Osteopath or GP to find out if you are eligible. At Elite Osteopathy, we take payment up front and provide you with an invoice that you can send to Medicare for rebate.

Contact Us

Telephone. (03) 8807 4770


For your convenience we have added an online bookings feature, which is very user friendly. If you would prefer to talk about an appointment or if you have any other questions please call or email us anytime.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.